Who We Are

We are Appalachian Digital

We are a local digital agency, located in Kingsport, Tennessee, serving clients in Eastern Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, and Western North Carolina. We help small businesses focus on website design & development, content management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. We work with our clients develop and execute strategies to create a solid ROI.

We've been working in web development and internet marketing on a professional level since 2009 with the creation of our original business, Burning Bush Web Design which was built to help churches and non-profits create their web presence.

We’re not afraid to say no to a project or request that doesn't fit your strategy, but we’ll offer you other solutions to meet your goals.

Today's landscape of digital advertising and marketing is changing on a daily basis. We study and follow industry leaders to discover and test some of the latest strategies and tools before we test on your business. After all, your business is not our guinea pig, we want to make sure you meet your goals. We also believe in using our own products and services because we have faith in our work and research.

Many of our clients are local small businesses who need exposure and name recognition in their local markets. We were born and raised in Appalachia and understand the culture and needs of this region. Because of this, we are able to understand how to share your message effectively and help you compete on a different level. Being local, why would you trust another agency across the country or on the other side of the world. Most agencies compete for metro markets and many freelancers overseas simply do the bare minimum or less than the bare minimum for the lowest cost. It's simply a race to the bottom.

Instead, put your trust in a solid, local agency who understands the struggles of small businesses here and understands your customers.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what we can do for you, email me directly and I'll be happy to respond!

Best wishes for your continued success,

Michael Smith
Founder, Appalachian Digital
[email protected]
1 (888) 982-9178

Our Story

Founded by Michael Smith in 2015 who saw a need for local and unique businesses in the region to share their own stories. Working professionally in web design and development since 2009 with his former brand, Burning Bush Web Design, Michael brings years of experience and variance of skills to market. Working with churches, non profits, construction companies, auto dealers, attorneys, and a wide variety of other local businesses, he saw a need to move away from just building a website to attract attention. A simple website was not producing the same ROI in 2015 as it did in 2009. It was time to see the bigger picture and provide a full-service marketing agency that anyone could afford. Whether it be the restaurant owner who just opened shop and worried about his margins or local attorney just getting by on state-appointed cases, to a church who is struggling to share their message in a relevant way they all needed a way to share their message and grow their brand. These people cannot afford services that cost $1000s per month. Nor do they need that kind of marketing, they simply need their message to get out their in a relevant, beautiful, and cost effective way. They needed to reach people that mattered to them. People in their communities. They aren't trying to be the next Fortune 500. Only a mom & pop operation of the 21st century. To be financially independent so they can life a comfortable life with their families, not having to worry if they can keep the lights on or the house from being foreclosed. They know they have to grow but don't have the means to. This is the need Michael saw. It is the need he strives to fulfill with his business partner, Jeremiah Clark. Jeremiah also the owner of Clark Marketing, understands the same struggle the average American business owner has. Because they understand the struggle of small business owners, they are able to better serve their clients a custom solution just for them.

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