Social Media: It’s More Than “Likes” or “Followers”

How many ‘likes’ do I need?

It is a common question, and it is also the wrong question.  In much the same way many still incorrectly believe that keyword packing is the best way to improve your SEO, many individuals still look for a magic number of social media likes as an indication of success.  However, ‘x’ number of “likes” or “followers” is not the answer.

It’s not about how many followers you have.

Here is an analogy that I began using some time ago to explain why a number of likes or followers is not the indication of success.  Think for a moment of billboards, one of the traditional forms of media we see in our daily lives.  Let’s imagine that you placed a billboard on the road, and people driving begin to see it.  Someone may see that sign and think to themselves “Hey, I like that sign.”  Before long, perhaps several hundred individuals have seen that sign and though “Hey, I like that sign.”  But if none of those individuals actually engaged with that sign, then in the end, what did you really get out of it?  Name recognition, perhaps, but you were more likely looking for someone to interact with you via that sign.

Chase engagement, not likes.

In the above scenario, a hundred people “liking” your billboard isn’t the desired outcome.  What you want is for someone to see that billboard and then call the number written on it.  Or email the address listed.  Or visit the physical location posted.  In some manner, you want the individual who saw your billboard to ultimately engage with you, because it is through engagement that they become your client or otherwise participant in whatever you are offering.

Social media should result in interaction between you and your prospects.

Yes, generally speaking, the more followers you have then the more success you should be facing.  But ultimately it is statistics like engagement that really let you know if your social media strategy is working or not.  In the same way that a billboard without interaction doesn’t bring you tangible growth, a social media post that doesn’t result in a conversation is also failing you.

Be warned: don’t buy social media followers.

A word of caution: there are services on the internet that offer to provide you with ‘x’ number of likes or followers for a fee.  Never do this. This article from Hubspot elaborates on why this is a very, very bad idea

At Appalachian Digital, we custom tailor our social media strategies to fit your organization’s unique objectives and focus on real organic growth for your brand.  We then review results month to month and change course as needed to ensure that your needs are best being met.

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