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Be Professional With Custom Email Addresses.

A custom email address (i.e., [email protected]) helps demonstrate that you are a legitimiate organization.  Afterall, wouldn’t you question the legitimacy of a business email coming from [email protected]?  (For the record: I have no idea if that is a legitimate email, and so I appologize to anyone it may actually belong to).  But to be honest, in an age where spam and phishing attempts are common, you would proabably think twice before answering that email.  Sorry nostalgia.

However, it is common to see many small nonprofits use free email accounts in order to avoid the cost of custom accounts.  After all, nonprofits do often have to find creative ways to stretch every penny.  While the cost saving approach may be understandable, it should be avoided.

Making it painless: Google Nonprofit Resources.

Thankfully, if you are a nonprofit, then Google is your friend.

If you are a registered nonprofit (meaning you do have the proper 501c or equivalent documentation), then you can register for a nonprofit account with Google.  In doing so, you can receive free custom email accounts for your organization, along with other added benefits.

The registration process is very straight-forward and easy, and the total turnaround time is only about a week.  Once you start the process, Google will go through a series of steps to valid your status, and will keep you informed as they go along.  You may be asked to complete a few additional steps along the way, but once complete, you never have to worry about paying for custom emails again.

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