Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics

There is more to building your brand online than simply having a website.  To build a truly effective online presence, you need to be able to analyze just how well your website is performing, and be able to adjust course if necessary.  This is where Google Analytics can make a significant difference.

This tool starts tracking your website’s traffic from the moment you connect your domain to your google analytics account. It tracks from where your website traffic is coming from, what device people are viewing your site on, and even how long they stay on your site. This information can be very important in learning how the public is using your website, and in finding areas for improvement.  Coupled with effective Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and website traffic analytics can help solidify your online presence.

Appalachian Digital uses Google Analytics to monitor your traffic in real time, to help provide us with guidance on how to improve your website.  In addition, we use other third-party SEO and analytics tracking tools to further build upon that data to ensure that your website is being optimized on every front.  Curious to see if we can help you in building your online presence?  Simply click here to contact us today: we’re here to help you tell your unique story online.

Summary of Key Points:

Google Analytics is the best tool to track your website traffic.  The information gathered from it helps in developing a solid SEO plan to further increase your traffic.

Google Analytics Key Features: 

  • View the location of your website traffic, including country and state.
  • View what devices your visitors are using to view the website.
  • Able to see how long the visitors stay on the site before they leave
  • Create and export custom reports.
  • Best Feature Yet – It’s Totally Free!