Control Your Appearance in Google and Bing

Your internet appearance is critical to your business.

One negative review that you haven’t addressed, one broken URL link, and peoples’ perception of you can instantly change.  It is for reasons like this that it is important to use all available tools to help control how your business appears online.  While SEO-related tools and elements play an important role in this, free tools from Google (“Google My Business”) and Microsoft (“Bing Places”) help make it easy to control your appearance in search results.

“Google My Business”

Google My Business is a platform launched in 2014 and operated by Google.  It is designed to give business owners more control over what appears in Google search results for their businesses.  Within your Google My Business Account, business owners can quickly list and update critical information about their business, such as business hours and locations.  You can also easily specify which pictures or even videos appear first in searchs for your business.  Google My Business also provides tools to easily see, filter, and address comments and reviews that have been left about your business.

Getting started with Google My Business is easy.  Simply visit and follow the prompts that are presented to you.

As part of the setup process, you will have to validate that you are in fact associated with the business you are attempting to list.  To complete this step, Google will mail a physical postcard to the address you provide, which will contain a verification code that you will have to enter to complete the setup process.  The postcard generally arrives within one business week.  Alternatively, based on other conditions, Google can attempt to validate you via either phone or email.

Additional information about Google My Business can be found on this Google Page.

“Bing Places”

Bing Places is the Microsoft/Bing quivilent of Google My Business.  This tool allows you to control your search appearance on Bing, including much of the same aspects as Google My Business.  As with the other, you will also have to go through a validation process.

To get started with Bing Places, simply visit .

Should I do both?

Absolutely.  While Google is used by the majority of internet searches, Bing is used in a sizeable amount as well.  Combine the two, and you effectively cover more than 85% of all internet searches.  In other words, these two tools effectively ensure that you will appear in searches in the manner you wish to for all but a small minority of searches.

We can help you with controlling your search appearance.

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