Avoid Google Penalties in Your SEO

We cannot emphasize enough that there are right and wrong ways to go about performing search engine optimization (aka, SEO).

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, and yet you can still hear it talked about.  Not only is it no longer a valid way to improve your ranking, but Google and other search engines actually penalize you for it.  These types of penalties are common referred to loosely as “Google Penalties”, and it is important to avoid them.

Entreprenuer magazine recently published this article which discussed some of the ways in which search engines penalize your website’s ranking.  Here at Appalachian Digital, however, you can rest easy knowing that we avoid such issues, which includes:

  • The use of free hosts.  With Appalachian Digital, your website is not subject to “click ads” or other spam that is common when using free hosts and providers.  Google and other search engines flag such spam, negtiavely impacting your rankings.
  • Lack of valuable content.  If your website is not answering questions or providing desired content, your website will not rank as high.  It’s not how many pages your website has, but the quality of your pages, which matters most.
  • Keyword stuffing.  We do not overuse keywords.
  • Security.  Google and other search engines will drop your site quickly if it is known to host viruses or malware.  We reguarly run security checks on all our servers to ensure your website is safe.
  • Bad links.  Invalid outbound (or internal) links will hurt your ranking.  We commonly search for and address any such issues.
  • Plagiarism.  Clear copyright infringement will sink your rankings.  And besides, your website needs to be telling your unique story, not someone else’s.
  • And more.

At Appalachian Digital, we continually educate ourselves in the latest SEO news to ensure that we can help your website rank as high as possible.  Click here to contact us today to see how we can help you tell your unique story online.